Yuri on Ice Watch Party

Inspired by our Japanese Club events, love of anime, our desire to learn Japanese itself, aa well as many other things my friends and I decided to throw an anime watch party. There was a new anime that everyone seemed to be obsessed with called Yuri on Ice!!! and we decided to make an event out of watching it. It was just a really small group of us but we had a lot of fun planning it. One really cool foods on the show was a かつどん (katsudon) which is a pork cutlet bowl. We decided to make it for our watch party. We went to an Asian market to find some of the ingredients that we needed and we also found some cool Japanese drinks called ramune. On the day of the party, we fried up some pork covered in panko (Japanese-style bread crumbs) then cooked it in some vegetables and egg and set it over rice. It was so delicious. After the food was done we all took a picture together so that we could show our teacher and started up the show. I loved the show and I can’t wait to make katsudon with my family and have another watch party with my friends.

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