The World and Water

For my Inequalities in the Global Communities class, we had to go to an IAS symposium and write a paper on the section that we went to. The name of the event was “Food and Water Activism in Global Asia”. I went to the panel discussion and dinner part if the event. The food there was interesting and I got to try things that I had never had before. My favorite was the mango chicken that they served along with this drink that was made with rose water. The panel had different types of people who worked with things concerning food and water. During the panel, we got to ask questions about how the world responds to the issues of food and water and what should communities around the world do to help try and fix the problem. Some of the main points on the panel were the need for governments to clearly inform the people who would be most affected by issues, educate all parties in the discussion and the decision, and how communities need to come together to fight for what they need. The panel discussion was really interesting and informative.

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