The Stress of Finals Week

My first finals week of college is finally ending and a nice deserved winter break is finally upon OU. Being a freshman at college there has been many different triggers for stress here. During the beginning of the semester, the air was filled with nervousness and excitement. There was also a little bit of stress involved with going to college for the first time, being away from home and old friends, and having to make new friends here at OU. There was a bit of stress being here with everyone trying to find themselves and where they fit in on campus. However, as the semester flew by my peers and I began to figure out what to do here on campus you could tell that we were all at ease here on campus. Being here at OU I have found myself surrounded by so many like-minded people who are hard workers with future goals in mind that they are striving towards. Despite being surrounded by so many amazing people here who are all studying it comes as a surprise to me that so many of the students here were nervous about finals. Whether the final was a speech, presentation, or test there were students worried everywhere. Just like my peers, I found that the closer finals came the more worried about it I became. After a while, like for some students, the stress was getting a little harder to take and I was worried that the test anxiety that I overcame in high school would come back. Not wanting to be in that type of situation I took the time to talk to the people that helped me to ease my stress and worries about tests in high schools. I talked to my old friends, teachers, family, and even the new people that I have met since coming to OU. After talking to all these people my confidence began to build and the stress started to leave. Now, having completed all of my finals and feeling confident in how I did I think that some of the stress of finals deals with the confidence of the students. Although studying is very important when finals are approaching I think that all students should take a break, relax, and be with those that the care about them. With the break from studying and being around people who believe in you, I think that students can get the confidence that they need which will be just as important as studying when it comes to taking finals.


Anyways Happy Winter Break OU!

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