Sushi Taco Party!!!

There are so many types of sushi in the

The Japanese Club had a Sushi Taco Party where we had てまきすし (temaki sushi). Temaki sushi is hand rolled sushi. You can choose anything that you want inside and then you roll it up. The way it looks after you roll it up kind of looks like a taco, hence sushi taco party. I went to the party with some of the friends that I made in my Japanese class. My favorite sushi roll that I made had rice, cucumber, egg, salmon, crab, and soy sauce. This is one of my favorite memories of eating sushi with people. We talked to some Japanese students as well as the teacher in Japanese. It really helped my Japanese to have some people to talked to. After the party was over I went with some of the people in my class to the library to study.


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