Movie Night in Japanese

Movies are always fun to watch, whether it’s alone or with friends or family and whether it’s a movie that you’ve never seen before or one that you have seen a million times before. One thing that I have never done before is watching a movie in another language. While studying Japanese I began to feel confident in my language skills even though I was still just a beginner. During the second week of the October, the Japanese Club hosted a movie night. We were going to watch a Hayao Miyazaki movie called Howl’s Moving Castle. This wouldn’t be the first Hayao Miyazaki movie that I had seen, but it would be the first in Japanese. The first Hayao Miyazaki movie Spirited Away when I was little and that was English. The movie became one the strangest and most interesting movie that I remember. I had never seen Howl’s Moving Castle, though, so I was a bit nervous about watching a movie in a new language even though there would be subtitles. Movie night ended up being an amazing amount of fun for everyone. It was amazing to those who were in the club who were able to speak Japanese that I didn’t even know yet. During the movie, I realized that I still have some much more to learn. It was still a great boost to my confidence that I was able to pick up so many words, even though without the subtitles I wouldn’t be able to understand a majority of the movie. Howl’s Moving Castle was a great movie. I enjoyed having pizza at movie night and attempting to understand parts of the movie with my fellow beginning Japanese student Castro-san.

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